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This page is the starting point for reporting sightings of colour marked birds of participating projects. Have you made an observation of a species from this list? Sign in to pass your observation or registrer as a new observer. If your email address has already been registered for one of the participating projects, you can request a new password via the register or login window..

Is the species you observed and the corresponding project not on the list? Look here how to report your observation to the project coordinator.

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Through this site Individual users (readers of colour marks) can add and manage observations of their birds from participating projects. After sending the observation the life-history is accessible. Participating project coordinators (person who started and is managing a project) will use the entered observations for their research. By adding observations to the project database observers agree that their observations are used by the project coordinators alone or with third parties for their research. Read more details under disclaimer.

More information about joining yourself can be found under participate. Please contact project@cr-birding.org for adding new projects to this application or if you have questions as a registered project coordinator. Contact helpdesk@cr-birding.org for support in the adding of observations.