Register/login We have already created an account for anyone who has already sent an observation for one of the participating projects. Choose Request New Password. You will then be asked to enter your email address. If this address is the same as an address in our database, we will send you an email with instructions. If we do not have your (correct) mail address, but you have previously provided observations of a perticipating project, please send an email to If you are a new observer, use the registration page.

Enter observation of unknown project To enter an observation of a bird you do not know what project it belongs to choose "New Observation". You will then be enter draw the observed marker(s). Fill in any additional information in the notes field.

Enter observation known project Search the project (eg via the "Project" menu). If you have previously submitted an observation of a project, you can also choose "Shorthand input". You can draw the observed marker(s), but it is also possible to use the shorthand notation known for the project. You can be asked to fill in additional information to make the observation extra valuable. If you have any additional information, please fill in the notes field.

Add photos It is possible to add multiple photos in an observation. When entering an observation, you can insert 1 photo. To add additional photos, choose the "My observations" menu. On the page of the observation there is a button "Add Photo".

Add co-observers In order to add co-observers to an observation the observer must be on your personal list with co-observers. This list can be found on the preferences page from the menu. All co-observers in the list are available on the edit page of an observation. Placing a check-mark adds an observer to the observation.

Life history If we can link an observation to a ringed bird or when we have multiple observations of the same bird, we can give an overview of all the observations we have of this bird. These reviews can be found using the pages "My observations" and "My birds".

Please contact if you have any questions.

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