By contributing observations to the database of the participating projects, observers agree that their observations are used by the specified participating project coordinator for their research, alone, with others or by others after agreement of the project coordinator. It is of course free for observers to use their own observations. The use of other observations from this database (observations from others of the same bird, ringing data) will be promoted but is only possible after agreement of the project coordinator involved.

The principles for the use of observations and ringing data as stored in this application are part of an agreement between project coordinators and the owners of this database (represented by the Head of the Ringing Centre, NIOO-KNAW the Netherlands). The principle is that project coordinators are the owners of all data from their project. In general the attitude for further use of the data is that it should be encouraged for further applied and pure research.

Interested parties who want to use the data as stored in this application should contact the project coordinator or project@cr-birding.org after which the project coordinator will be contacted.

All efforts will be done and has been done to prevent mistakes in this application and in the stored data in the database. However the owners of this application and database are not responsible for any damage which are the result of using data from this application and database.

For more information you can contact project@cr-birding.org .

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