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Your privacy is legally protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the "privacy law". Privacy data managers must adhere to all kinds of rules and you have the opportunity to stand up for yourself when processing your personal data. Organizations must have your permission to store and process that data. You have the right to view, correct and delete recorded personal data.

The privacy policy of CR-Birding Submit is derived from that of the co-owners Vogeltrekstation NIOO-KNAW and Sovon Vogelonderzoek Nederland.

We will never pass on your personal data to or make it clear to third parties, with the exception of any "processors" with whom we make prior agreements about how to handle privacy data.

View under 'User settings'

It is important that after logging in to the website via "User settings" in the menu item with your name you can view and/or change your personal data. We ask you to view the content of our privacy policy. Using the site thereafter automatically means that you agree with how we handle your personal data.

Data security

We will never provide your personal data to third parties or make them available for inspection. They therefore remain safe within the CR-Birding Submit. Personal data in this context means name and address data (name-address-place of residence) but also telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.


Internally we use your personal data only for the purposes of the site: to inform you as well as possible about the observations of your observed birds and of course the communication regarding data supplied.

Data protection officer

Sovon has registered a Data Protection Officer with the Data Protection Authority, the supervisory authority. The Officer also ensures that CR-Birding Submit meets the requirements of the GDPR.

For all details, consult our privacy statement. Do you have questions or about the privacy policy? Send them to .

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