Colour code

The birds in this project are ringed with two colour rings engraved with a letter in combination with one small colour ring (marker). Each of the upper legs have one engraved ring. On top of one of the engraved rings there is a plain coloured ring

Each ingraved ring is written with a three character code: 1. The letter indicating the colour of the ring (1 letter) 2. A hyphen ("-") 3. The inscription on the ring (1 letter or digit)

Between the codes of the engraved rings there is a slash ("/") to indicate that the rings are on different legs. The colour of the plain ring is just before the code of the engraved ring

Example R-C/RW-A . This bird has a red ring with the letter C on the left leg and a small red colour ring on top of a white ring with the letter A.


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