Colour code

The birds of this project have a coloured flag with a 2 character inscription on one upper leg and a plain coloured ring on the other upper leg.

The color code exists consists of 4 consecutive elements: The color code consists of the descriptions of the flag and the plain ring, both separated by a slash ("/"):

flag (4 elements)

  1. The letter indicating the colour of the flag (1 letter)
  2. The iletter f to indicate a flag
  3. a hyphen ("-")
  4. the inscription (always 2 characters)

plain ring (1 element)

  1. The letter of the color

Example Wf-AA/G. This bird has a white flag with inscription AA on the left upper leg and a solid green ring on the right upper leg.


  • B = dark Blue
  • L = light green ("Lime")
  • N = black ("Noir")
  • O = Orange
  • R = Red
  • W = White
  • Y = Yellow
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