Colour code

The birds in this project have multiple colour rings and a metal ring. All rings are on the lower legs. The metal ring is not part of the colour code.

The colour code consists of a sequence of the codes of the different rings. The codes of the rings on the left leg and those on the right leg are separated by a slash ("/"). A plain coloured ring consists only of the letter of the colour. A ring with an inscription consists of the letter of the colour followed by the text on the ring in brackets.

Example RW(A)/Y. This bird has plain red ring on top of a white colour ring with the letter A on the left leg. On de right leg there is a plain yellow ring.


  • B = dark Blue
  • C = dark pink (Carmine)
  • G = darkGreen
  • L = light green ("Lime")
  • M = Metal
  • N = black ("Noir")
  • O = Orange
  • P = Pale blue
  • R = Red
  • V = Violet/purple
  • W = White
  • Y = Yellow
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