Who are we?

CR-Birding Submit is an initiative of Sovon, Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology, Dutch Centre for Avian Migration and Demography and Dirk Raes, founder, owner and manager of cr-birding.org. With CR-Birding Submit we aim to assist observers of colour-marked birds in the pursuit of their hobby and to facilitate owners of colour ring projects in managing the flow of observations of birds ringed by them. Important for us is also the valuable information that colour ring projects with birds provide and that can be used for research, policy and management. Submit.cr-birding works closely together with BirdRing, a mobile app for saving and submitting observations of colour ring birds. The aforementioned three parties have entered into an agreement for the joint management of CR-Birding Submit, which defines how we jointly shape the management, maintenance and development of CR-Birding Submit. The agreement also stipulates that data added to CR-Birding Submit can only be used with permission of the owner of the colour ring project.

More information on ownership and development of CR-Birding Submit can be found under Copyright. More information on joining CR-Birding Submit can be found under Participate.

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