orange ring with A and 2 plain rings


Tijs van den Berg
ring area The Netherlands, neat Utrecht
animals 23
observations 29, of which 26 are captures
ringed in 2017 to 2019

Several couples of Stonechat breed In Haarzuilens, Utrecht, The Netherlands. VRS de Haar is conducting RAS research on these birds, looking to learn more about survival of these birds. This species is very suitable for colour ringing since the long legs and its behaviour make resighting and reporting easy. Some of the birds in this project breed in an area that was defined as "temporary nature" waiting for the development of a new residential area. We hope to find these birds at other places in the vicinity of Haarzuilens when this area has been developed.

The position of the metal ring is important for the identification of an individual.

Example bird

Shorthand: BR/MON(A) explanation
This is an arbitrary example of a bird that might not exist.

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