Life history: Black-headed Gull W-SEJR

another observation of this bird
name W-SEJR
colour code(s) W-SEJR ( since 05-01-2020 )
metal ring(s) HRZ LS06874 ( since 05-01-2020 )
sex unknown
birth year unknown (age at first capture: >2 cj)
project Black-headed Gull, white ring with 4 characters (first=S)
Luka Jurinovic send e-mail
first capture Jan. 5, 2020 by Jaki dečki ringing group
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status Date Observer type condition Region actions
2020-01-05 hidden capture alive and healthy Rubbish tip, Jakuševec, Zagreb, Croatia (HR)  info
2020-08-18 hidden observation alive and healthy Charca de Suárez Nature Reserve (ES)  info