Northern Lapwing

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website none
ring area Nederland, diverse locaties
animals 962
observations 2411, of which 1286 are captures
ringed in 2015 to 2021

The breeding population of Lapwings in the Netherlands increased until the eighties. Around 1990 the population started te decrease. In 2013, only half of the population was left. The latest estimate of the number of breeding pairs is between 160000-240000. Why does the Lapwing decrease with nearly 5% anually? There are strong indications that too little Lapwings survive their first few weeks. That is why we conduct a check survival study in 2016. We will also look at the impact of certain measures on survival. The gained knowledge is essential in giving the Lapwing an opportunity for the Future.
Your observations of young lapwings coded flags can contribute to this project!

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