Northern Lapwing

white ring with 4 characters


Martin van de Reep
website none
ring area Nederland, Nieuwe Driemanspolder (Zoetermeer)
animals 75
observations 105, of which 50 are captures
In 2014, I started to color-ring Lapwings in the Nieuwe Driemanspolder near Zoetermeer. This polder will be under water from 2017 onwards for water storage in combination with recreational use. Previously when building locations were enlarged the question arose where the Lapwings had moved to and resettled. I want to find out more about the Lapwings in their new breeding area. In a polder located nearby Lapwing chicks were ringed in order to find out if they return to breed or move elsewhere later in life. If possible, I want to find out more about the survival rate of the chicks. The birds are ringed with a white color ring with four black letters on the left tarsus.

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