orange ring with X and 3 plain rings


Tijs van den Berg
ring area The Netherlands, near Utrecht
animals 135
observations 168, of which 137 are captures
ringed in 2016 to 2020

After termination of the national project "Jaar van de spreeuw" (Year of the Startling) in 2014 VRS het Gooi and VRS de Haar joined efforts to continue the colour ringing research on this species. The birds are ringed at various locations in Utrecht en het Gooi, The Netherlands. Both nestlings as well as flying hatch year birds and adults are included in this project. Using colour rings we hope to increase the number of reports of these bird, thereby allowing us to learn more about migration, dispersal and survival.

The position of the scientific ring and the colour ring with the letter X (project marker, always on the same leg as the scientific ring) are also important for identifying the bird.

Example bird

Shorthand: MON(X)/YYB explanation
This is an arbitrary example of a bird that might not exist.

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