yellow ring with 3 letters


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website none
ring area The Netherlands, Groningen and North-Drenthe
animals 703
observations 1114, of which 707 are captures
ringed in 2020 to 2023

Since 2014 Sparrowhawk have been ringed with metal rings in the province of Groningen in the context of the RAS-project. Since 2020 colour rings are used to gather more information about (re-)occupation of breeding sites, predation, influence of birth location on choice of nest site, and winter dispersal strategies. The colour rings are yellow with black inscriptions of three letters, read from bottom to top, placed on the right leg. To provide ease of visibility, these codes are repeated twice around the circumference of the ring.

Example bird

Shorthand: Y-ZUF explanation
This is an arbitrary example of a bird that might not exist.

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