Ruddy Turnstone

orange flag with 3 letters and red ring


Stichting Calidris
website none
ring area The Netherlands, Schiermonnikoog
animals 1102
observations 3156, of which 1144 are captures
ringed in 2013 to 2021

Turnstones are Arctic waders. Many of these birds can be found overwintering in the Netherlands, but a part of the population only visits the Netherlands during migration. The Calidris ringing group is colour banding turnstones in autumn since 2013 with orange coded flags. In this project, we want to investigate which part of the population stays in the Netherlands during winter, where other birds spend the winter, and whether there is a difference in survival between these two groups. During high tides, turnstones typically gather at peers and quays, which offers good conditions for ring reading.

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