Pied Avocet

white ring with 2 characters and green ring


Petra Manche
website https://www.sovon.nl/onderzoek/onderzoeksthemas/kust-en-grote-wateren/zoute-wateren/wij-wadvogels
cr-birding https://cr-birding.org/node/1489
ring area The Netherlands
animals 686
observations 2434, of which 731 are captures
ringed in 1999 to 2023

Avocets are ringed all over the country to better visualize the movements and to determine survival. Initially mainly inland. In 2020 and 2021 was also ringed in the IJsselmeer area and Wadden Sea.

The birds have a white ring with 2 characters and a high dark green ring without any inscription. Under the green ring is a metal ring that is sometimes discoloured and might look yellowish or more orange.

Example bird

Shorthand: W-UN/G explanation
This is an arbitrary example of a bird that might not exist.

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