Feral pigeon

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Henri Zomer
website none
cr-birding https://cr-birding.org/node/3558
ring area The Netherlands, Groningen
animals 347
observations 1533, of which 404 are captures
ringed in 2016 to 2021

The ringing project on feral pigeons started in 2016 as a semi-RAS-project. Feral pigeons are caught and colourringed in different locations in the city of Groningen (parks, city center, shopping area's). With this research we try to get answers on the feral pigeon’s population size, survival and area use within the city.

At the same time the ringed feral pigeons are also used in a collaboration with the University of Groningen in which several students (bachelors and masters) work on research projects on different kinds of topics. Also, the feral pigeon is a good model species for research on the relation between the microbiome and the ecology and physiology of birds, like adaptations due to seasonal changes in the environment (summer vs winter) and possible effects of urbanization on this relation.

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