white ring with 3 characters and some with green flag


Wim Tijsen
website none
ring area The Netherlands, Wieringen
animals 529
observations 13365, of which 1004 are captures
ringed in 2000 to 2023

The project is a Retrapping Adults for Survival project at the former island of Wieringen on the most northern point of Noord-Holland. Since 2000 several hundreds of birds are ringed. The survival rate differs per year, but is normally between 75 and 95% for adults. Most birds are seen in the breeding area, but there are also some interesting ring readings along the flyway between Netherlands and Africa.

All birds have a wihite ring on the tibia (with a letter followed bij 2 digits). Some birds also have a green flag on the other tibia.

Example bird

This is an arbitrary example of a bird that might not exist.

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