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Name actions
White-tailed Eagle, 1 grey or black ring with 4 characters (first=A)  info
Tree Sparrow, ring with A and 2 plain rings  info
Stonechat, orange ring with A and 2 plain rings  info
Starling, yellow ring with 3 characters (first=digit)  info
Starling, orange ring with X and 3 plain rings  info
Starling, darkgreen or black ring with 2 characters  info
Sparrowhawk, yellow ring with 3 letters  info
Sandwich Tern, ring with 3 char. (first=A H J N T V or 2 (with [.]) or a T N V on various positions)  info
Ruddy Turnstone, orange flag with 3 letters and plain red ring  info
Redshank, white ring with 3 characters and some with green flag  info
Raven, orange ring with 3 characters  info
Pied Avocet, white ring with 4 letters (first=E)  info
Pied Avocet, white ring with 2 characters and plain green ring  info
Pied Avocet, left: white ring with 1 character, right: blue ring with 1 character  info
Pied Avocet, left: red 1 character ring, right: unengraved ring and white 1 character ring  info
Oystercatcher, troublesome colour ring combinations  info
Oystercatcher, bar-ring  info
Oystercatcher, 5 plain rings  info
Oystercatcher, 2 inscription-rings + tibia ring  info
Oystercatcher, 2 inscription-rings + tarsus ring  info
Oystercatcher, 1 letter-ring + 2 plain rings  info
Oystercatcher, 1 inscription-ring and 1 plain ring  info
Northern Lapwing, white ring with 4 characters (first=E)  info
Northern Lapwing, both legs 1 colourring with 1 character  info
Northern Lapwing, 1 white flag with 2 characters and orange marker  info